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audi door light logo wholesale

The Audi door light logo, also known as the Audi welcome light, is a feature on some Audi models that projects the Audi logo onto the ground when the car doors are opened. This is a form of ambient lighting that adds a touch of luxury and style to the car's interior and exterior.

Audi Door Lights Audi Door Logo Lights 2pcs

  • 【High Definion & Bright Projection】 - This door light logo projector is Powered by 12V power cord, using high brightness LED chips. When you open the car door, the audi door lights passes through 6-layer ultra-HD precision lens to project a bright and vivid courtesy welcome logo on the floor.
  • 【Error Free Chip Built-In】 - Our LED Ghost Shadow Projector used newest car decoding circuit chip, will not conflict with car software. Use high-quality circuit boards and parts, which can carry more current, absolutely eliminate the noise caused by high current
  • 【Good Performance】 - Using high brightness Cree LED chip which has high bright lighting output but very low power consumption, will not add burden to your car battery. Use of waterproof, shock-proof, anti-corrosion abs flame-retardant shell, sturdy and durable, high temperature and pressure resistance, better protection of the lens and internal chip circuit.
  • 【Easy to Install】 - Plug and Play! No drilling, no wiring, no disassembling, no damage to your car. Specially designed for auto modification fancier. Old lights come out with just a slight pry motion forward edge, new opens snap in by hand, just need 10 minutes

The Audi door light logo is typically located on the bottom of the side mirrors, and uses LED lights to project the logo onto the ground below. When the doors are opened, the logo is projected onto the ground next to the car, creating a distinctive and eye-catching effect.

This feature is available on many newer Audi models, including the A4, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, and Q8. It is usually included as part of a package of premium features, such as the Prestige package or the S line package.

Overall, the Audi door light logo is a small but distinctive feature that adds a touch of luxury and style to the Audi driving experience.


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