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audi door projector lights oem

audi door projector lights

Audi door projector lights, also known as Audi door lights or Audi puddle lights, are small lights that are mounted on the bottom of the vehicle's doors and project a beam of light onto the ground when the door is opened. These lights typically feature the Audi logo or a custom design and are designed to add a touch of style and luxury to the vehicle's exterior.

Audi door projector lights are often installed as an aftermarket accessory, although some newer Audi models may come with this feature pre-installed. The lights are usually easy to install and require no modification to the vehicle's wiring or electrical system.

In addition to adding a stylish touch to the vehicle's exterior, Audi door projector lights also provide added convenience and safety by illuminating the ground next to the vehicle when the doors are opened. This can help to prevent tripping or stumbling in dark or dimly lit areas and can also help to deter potential thieves or vandals.

When selecting Audi door projector lights, it is important to choose a product that is designed specifically for your vehicle make and model. This will ensure that the lights fit properly and are compatible with the vehicle's electrical system. It is also important to choose a product that is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the elements for long-lasting performance.


audi door projector lights oem

Audi door projector lights are a type of accessory that can be installed on the doors of Audi vehicles. These lights project an illuminated Audi logo or design onto the ground when the door is opened, adding a stylish and unique touch to the car.

OEM Audi door projector lights are lights that are produced by Audi themselves or by a company that has been authorized by Audi to manufacture these lights to the same specifications as the original equipment. These lights are designed to fit perfectly onto the Audi vehicle and provide the same level of performance and quality as the original equipment.

If you are looking to purchase OEM Audi door projector lights, you can typically find them at authorized Audi dealerships or through online retailers that specialize in Audi parts and accessories. It is important to ensure that you are purchasing genuine OEM parts to ensure compatibility and quality.

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