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Audi led door light factory in 2023

Audi LED door light is a door light that meets the standard of Audi cars. It is installed on the door, mainly to make it easier for car owners and pedestrians to be noticed when driving or walking at night, thereby improving safety. It generally includes LED lamp beads and a driver circuit board, which can be automatically turned on or off according to the state of the door switch.

The advantages of Audi LED door lights include:

  1. Energy saving: LED lamp beads are more energy-efficient than traditional lamps, which can reduce the cost of car owners.
  2. Durable: LED lamp beads have a longer life than traditional lamps, which can reduce the frequency of replacement and reduce maintenance costs.
  3. Safety: The LED lamp bead itself is a cold light source, which will not generate heat and will not cause danger to car owners or pedestrians, which improves safety.
  4. Convenience: The control of the LED door light can be realized through the door switch, without additional operation buttons or switches, which is more convenient to use.

Of course, LED door lights also have some shortcomings, such as:

  • Relatively high price: The price of LED door lights is higher than that of traditional lamps, which may bring economic pressure to car owners.
  • The stability of the light source is relatively poor: the LED lamp bead may become unstable after a period of use, and needs to be replaced in time.
  • Relatively few color options: Currently, there are relatively few color options for LED door lights on the market, which may not be able to meet the individual needs of car owners.

Generally speaking, Audi LED door lights have advantages in improving safety, energy saving, durability, and convenience, but the relatively high price is also an inevitable problem. When choosing LED door lights, it is necessary to make comprehensive considerations according to the actual situation.

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Audi led door light factory

At present, there is no particularly clear authoritative information or reports that the foundry of Audi LED door lights has been designated. However, what is certain is that Audi is very strict when selecting LED lighting suppliers, and will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the supplier's technical strength, product quality, price and other aspects.

Generally speaking, the foundry of Audi LED door lights will choose those companies that are relatively excellent in terms of technical strength, product quality, and price. For example, well-known companies such as Philips, Osram, and Nokia Siemens Networks were once one of the suppliers of Audi LED door lights. In addition, some large enterprises with high influence in the automotive industry, such as Hella and Everlight Electronics, may also become OEMs for Audi LED door lights.

In short, the foundry of Audi LED door lights will comprehensively consider various factors to ensure that the quality and performance of the product meet the requirements of Audi Motor Company.

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