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best 4 car door projector lights

best 4 car door projector lights

The best car door projection lights are recommended as follows:

  1. South Carolina Lite pro 2: The lumen value of the Lite pro 2 projection lamp is as high as 3600 ANSI, which can support most car models. It also has a variety of replaceable lamp heads, multiple color temperatures, and adjustable brightness modes. The optical lens makes the projection clearer and more uniform, and can easily project a 100-inch high-definition large screen on the car door.
  2. JMGO J10: J10 has a high brightness of 3600 lumens, a high contrast ratio of 2500:1, and a projection distance of 30cm. It can project a 100-inch high-definition large screen on the car door, and supports side projection, which is very convenient to use.
  3. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Pro: The projection lamp of Mijia Smart Door Lock Pro has features such as translate twilight white color matching, MHL interface, WPS cable lead, Type-C fast charging, etc. A 100-inch high-definition large screen is projected on the door, and there are also a variety of security settings to ensure the safety of users.
  4. XGIMI Z6: XGIMI Z6 supports Type-C fast charging, built-in 14500 lithium battery, supports 2.4-inch screen projection, AI-LiNX serial port is compatible with Dolby audio, has a 5400mAh large battery with long battery life, and the battery life can reach about 2 hours.

The above recommendations are in no particular order and are for reference only. You need to choose the right product according to your actual needs.

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