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Car door led projector price

Car door led projector price details

The price of the door led projector is about 500-3000 yuan. Here are the details about the price of car door led projector:

WKCARPARTS Car Door LED Logo Projector Light, Upgraded Universal Senseor LED Door Light Logo Ghost Shadow Welcome Lamp (2PCS) (Tiger)
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This product is wireless, and especially designed for auto modification. It will not destroy your original car appearance, but it will make your driving more fun! This dazzling logo signal light will project onto the ground every time you open the door and will be automatically turned off when you close your car doors.

Projection design can warn others to avoid an accident
3D projector light of illuminated entry system
Light to open doors. Projection design can give others a warning to avoid an accident.
It can be installed in both left and right doors. Courtesy door light will make your car look artistic.
Automotive lighting decoration with a pleasing visual light experience.
Powered by 3x AAA batteries 4.5V (batteries are not included)
Output power: 3W
Operating temperature: -40 degrees~105 degrees
Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5cm

Package Includes:
2 xWireless Car LED Projector Door Shadow Light

  1. The projector produced by Chezhike (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. has clear images, high brightness, and anti-glare, so you can clearly see the content on the screen even in strong sunlight.
  2. It also has a built-in wireless smart speaker, which can be connected to a mobile phone, and supports Bluetooth calls at the same time, bringing you a different sound quality experience when playing songs.
  3. And if the budget allows, you can also consider buying a high-end version with a built-in power amplifier and subwoofer, and the sound effect will be better.

The above is the relevant information about the price of car door led projector, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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