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Car door paste projector light installation notes

The function of the door sticker projection light is to project the door logo onto the front windshield when driving at night, so that the driver can see it clearly. It can effectively improve driving safety and avoid traffic accidents caused by unclear signs. In addition, the door mark projection lamp can also be used for the automatic opening and closing control of the car door to achieve more intelligent and convenient operation.

In order to make the door projection light work better, you need to choose a reliable projection lamp and ensure that its installation position will not affect the normal use of the door.

Generally speaking, the projection lamp should be installed in the light trough inside the car door, and the position of the light trough should be designed according to the internal structure of the car door.

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In addition, when installing the projection light, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The depth of the lamp groove should be moderate. If it is too shallow, it will affect the effect of the projection lamp. If it is too deep, it will increase the difficulty and cost of installation.
  2. The bulb of the projection lamp should choose high brightness and high power to ensure the lighting effect of the projection lamp at night.
  3. The installation process should be carried out in strict accordance with the design of the internal structure of the car door to ensure that the installation position of the projection lamp will not affect the normal use of the car door.
  4. If there is a circuit system inside the door, the circuit needs to be processed accordingly to ensure the safe use of the projection lamp.

In short, the door stick projection lamp is a practical door accessory, which can improve driving safety and facilitate the automatic door opening and closing control. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners choose to equip a door projection lamp when purchasing a new car.

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