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How to install the car welcome light

Steps to install car welcome lights:

  1. First, remove the door panel of the car, and install the welcome light on the bottom of the rear side of the door panel. It is necessary to drill holes in the bottom of the door panel to install and fix it.
  2. If you buy a paste-style welcome light, just paste the welcome light directly on the bottom of the door panel.
  3. Finally, install the door panel of the car back and debug it to complete the installation of the car welcome light.

Is it necessary to install car welcome lights?

Car welcome lights must be installed. Because:

  • The welcome light can make the car look more high-end, and it is also very good-looking.
  • The welcome light can play the role of lighting, and can remind the surrounding people and vehicles when opening the door.
  • The installation of welcome lights can improve the recognition of the car, and can avoid some unnecessary troubles when parking.
  • To sum up, the welcome light is still very helpful to improve the grade of the car, and it is recommended for car owners to install it.

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