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what is the personalized car door lights?

Personalized car door lights, also known as welcome lights or car door projectors, are a popular automotive accessory that allows you to customize your vehicle's exterior with a unique image or design. These lights are typically installed on the bottom of the car doors and project a logo or image onto the ground when the door is opened.

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Personalized car door lights can be purchased in a variety of designs, from popular automotive logos and brand names to custom designs and personal images. They are usually powered by LED lights and come with a projector lens that attaches to the door frame and projects the image onto the ground.

Installation of personalized car door lights is relatively easy and can be done by most car owners. The lights typically come with installation instructions and can be installed with basic tools and a few screws. However, it is important to ensure that the lights are compatible with your vehicle make and model and that they do not interfere with any other electrical components or safety features.

While personalized car door lights can add a unique and personalized touch to your vehicle's exterior, it is important to check local laws and regulations to ensure that they are legal to use while driving on public roads. Some areas may have restrictions on the types of lights that can be used on vehicles, so it is important to check before installing any aftermarket lighting accessories.

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